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Residential Services:
Group and Independent Living

SARAH Tuxis provides Residential Services as requested by an individual and/or their family/guardian.  Depending upon the individual’s Level of Need (LON), Proposals and budgets are sent to the Department of Developmental Services on behalf of the individual requesting services.  A wide variety of residential living situations are available.  These include; Group Living identified as 24 hour supports in a (CLA), Community Living Arrangement or (CRS), Continuous Residential Supports, Supported Living where one or more individuals pool their funding together to purchase the supports needed for them to live with less than 24 hours supports, In-home Supports occurs when an individual is living at home with their family and Tuxis is contracted to provide supports in the family home for a set schedule of hours per week, and Private Pay Contracts where individuals not funded by DDS can contract with SARAH Tuxis to provide a set number of hours per week for an agreed upon fee.  SARAH Tuxis bills the family monthly for services provided.

Day Support Options:
Individual and Group Supports

SARAH Tuxis provides Individualized Day Supports for persons who choose not to participate in a traditional Day Program, or for persons with medical and/or behavioral challenges who cannot find a Day Program that meets their needs.  All services and budgets for the services requested will be specially designed by a team comprised of; the person, their guardian/family member, SARAH Tuxis staff, DDS Case Management, with regard to the individual’s needs and desires.  Approval from the Department of Developmental Services is necessary before any supports can be granted.

SARAH Tuxis provides Group Day Supports at The Tuxis Harbor. The Tuxis Harbor is a creative space on the Boston Post Road in Westbrook.  The space offers individuals a creatively designed building that can be used as a base for Day Services, Tuxis Club Activities, Day/Evening/Week-end Respite, and any other possible idea that provides support to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The space will encourage Self Advocate input, as well as community mentoring.   


Futures Planning

SARAH Tuxis offers person centered planning using both PATH and Essential Lifestyle Planning. 

PATH is short for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope.  This is a creative and positive planning tool which starts with dreaming and moves forward with what is positive and possible, creating steps to reach one’s dreams.

The Essential Lifestyle Plan is person centered plan that discovers and describes what is important to a person in his/her everyday life.  The plan is created by interviewing team members and the individual, if possible and compiling all the information into a plan which will provide a comprehensive understanding to the individual in order to support him/ her successfully.

Fee for Service

SARAH Tuxis provides Fee for Service supports as requested by an individual and/or their family/guardian.  Services can be for a variety of needs and can be arranged case by case as requested.  An agreed upon fee is billed directly to the person or their family by SARAH Tuxis.  SARAH Tuxis is also an approved vendor with (DDS), Department of Developmental Services for supports such as; Adult Companion, Individual Day Supports, Personal Supports, etc. and can bill for services provided if the individual has an allocation from DDS.  

SARAH Tuxis Residential & Community Resources, Inc. has significant experience creating supports for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.  With a home base in Guilford, SARAH Tuxis provides supports to over 100 individuals living along the southern Connecticut Shoreline.  A creative, flexible and knowledgeable team of staff allows SARAH Tuxis to be an innovator in person centered supports, futures planning and aging in place while enriching the lives of the individuals we support.  Personal assistance is provided with respect as we offer supports tailored around each individual.  With strong ties to the shoreline towns, individuals are empowered as they participate in events that lead them to become valued citizens in their communities.



SARAH Tuxis is a proud member of both the Arc US and the Arc CT.  The Agency is funded by and partners with the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services.


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