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Administrative Team


Beth Kinnare

Executive Director

Andrew Lucibello.jpg

Andrew Lucibello

Chief Operations Officer

Debbie Ruotolo.jpg

Debbie Ruotolo

Associate Executive Director

Financial Assisstant
Sheri Rossi

Debra Adams

Director of Program Services

Ali Fiedler

Director of Nursing

Hunter Plant

Senior Accountant

Hollie Chalmers

Financial Analyst

Peter Eirich

IT Coordinator

Christine Dietz

HR Director

Frances Adams

Assistant Director

Sheri Rossi

Staff Acountant

Brieanne Vinyard

Community Services Coordinator

Carl Jordan

Quality Assistant

Todd Kulman

Director of Quality

Shana Discenza

Executive Administrative


Amy Hewitt

Financial Assistant

Francine DeSenti

Training Coordinator

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