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SARAH Tuxis provides a variety of Residential Supports

to meet the needs of all individuals

Community Living Arrangements (CLA) are also known as group homes.

The size of these homes range from 3-5 individuals. All homes are located in the community with 24 hour support from staff. These homes are licensed so additional regulations are followed as outlined by the federal government.

Continuous Residential Supports (CRS) are homes in the community

with three or fewer individuals choose to share a house or apartment.

These homes are not licensed like a CLA, but staff offer services and support 24 hours a day.

Individualized Home Supports (IHS) is a flexible and person-centered program that supports individuals to live in the home of their choice.

It is a tailored package of services and supports designed to best meet their needs.  

Please contact Director of Program Services Debra Adams, to request a consultation:

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