The goals of the SARAH Tuxis Recreation and Leisure Program are to develop skills, enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle, facilitate social interactions and provide a general joy for living. Recreational services offered by SARAH Tuxis provide opportunities for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to experience life to the fullest. Structured activities such as sporting events, themed dances and overnight trips enhance social skills and allow participants to build life-long friendships in real life situations. A variety of programs that can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and fun environment are implemented in order to enrich the human experience. We strive to give people the best support possible and look forward to working with new participants as well as participants who have been involved with SARAH before. 

Below you will find links to the July, August, and September 2021 Recreation and Leisure Program Calendar and Guide. Please view the program guide for additional information and program fees. Please note that at this time groups sizes are limited to 5 individuals while we are practicing social distancing upon reopening of the recreation program. 

Please contact to request that a recreation packet and registration information be e-mailed or sent directly to your home. 

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